The Graduate Students Association will be conducting the organizing the Annual General meeting 2015 on November 25th 2015 at 5:30 pm . Election for President of the GSA will be held during the AGM.

Presidential Election:

• All graduate students are encouraged to attend the AGM and vote in our upcoming presidential election (Wednesday – November 25th @ 5:30 Tilley Hall– room 125)

• Every GSA student in (good standing) is eligible to vote for the president. A GSA member “in good standing” is essentially a graduate student who has paid their fees (included with tuition). If a student has a valid UNB Fredericton graduate student ID card then they are eligible to vote.

• If a student cannot attend the AGM they may vote for the president via a proxy vote.

• Councilors are urged to collect proxy forms from students in their departments.

• Students that are not in Fredericton can submit a digitally signed form, the person acting as your proxy may print the form and bring it to the AGM on your behalf.

• Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Here is the brief bio of the candidate:

Presidential Candidate – Aditya

Proxy Form