Phillip Lunga


GSA President Passionate Ph.D. student at UNB studying social inclusion through sport for individuals with neurodivergent conditions. As President of the Graduate Student Association, I advocate for student needs, focusing on childcare, mental health, student funding and EDI for marginalized groups. My goal is to encourage student engagement and create an inclusive environment [...]

Oliver Ogbaka


GSA VP (Admin) Oliver Ogbaka, GSA VP admin, MBA student at Faculty of Business Administration. He has over 10 years of experience in Finance, Accounting, Investment & Private equity advisor. He is very resourceful and a firm believer that leadership is about service to the people. [...]

Yewande Akalusi


GSA VP (Events & Societies) Yewande Akalusi, is a graduate student at Faculty of Management, doing the MBA course. She worked in Veterinary Research and Vaccine Production for over 10 years; and is passionate about building connections and relationships. She is an effective communicator and collaborator and is looking forward to working with [...]

Mehboob Reza


GSA VP (Finance) Mehboob Reza is a PhD candidate specializing in occupational safety and health and ergonomics management at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies. He has extensive experience as a Board of Directors on various national and international boards. Mr. Reza holds a Master of Science degree in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) [...]

Kristin Dinning


Chief Returning Officer I am a PhD candidate in Biology where I study the habitat use and behaviour of juvenile lobsters. I also received my MSc degree from UNBSJ and hold a BSc degree from Dalhousie University. I have volunteered with the UNBSJ-GSA in some capacity since 2012 (as President, VP Communications, Chief [...]

Samuel Sweeney


Liaison To Fredericton Sam is a 24 year old marine biologist who began his MSc in September 2018 in Saint John in the department of Biological Sciences, where he studies narwhals in the Arctic. Before beginning his masters program, he attended Dalhousie University completing an honours in marine biology and a minor in [...]

Lokesh Purbia


VP Finance Lokesh is also known by his nickname Lucky in the campus. He is a soft-spoken, polite and pleasant personality. He believes in ethics and integrity. He always motivates his fellows and team to achieve common goals. In Academics, he completed Executive Post Graduate Program in Management with specialization in Finance from [...]

Swayam Sarkar


VP Communication Swayam is an energetic communicator and a public speaker. He has served in various leadership roles in his previous employment and in his community. He believes that he can leverage his previous experience to reach out to everyone and make a difference. Swayam has worked in several roles in the field [...]

Balaji Manivannan


VP Admin Balaji Manivannan is a leather engineer by profession and sports enthusiast. A simple and humble person by nature, Balaji used sports as a tool to enhance his people skills, problem-solving skills and leadership skills. He was elected as the Vice President- Administration for GSA. Due to his good administrative skills, he [...]

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