Government Assigning Mediator to the Dispute

Government is assigning a mediator to the dispute at the request of both parties (UNB Administration and AUNBT). The following link confirm that-

Tuition and Fee Payments

The University administration has suspended (for the time being) deadlines for paying tuition and related fees. Some student should pay tuition and related fees. International students, students on student loans, scholarships, and new graduate students who started in January 2014 may be required to pay their fees in order to access funding, maintain student visas and work permits, access the GSA health and dental plan, have a valid UNB ID card for use in libraries, to obtain and use a bus pass, etc. Please contact the organizations where you receive funding, Registrar’s Office, the School of Graduate Studies, your relevant student society,or the GSA administrator to verify what is best for you.

Operation of the GSA

The GSA continues to function for the benefit of graduate students and advocate for their interests. The office hours of the administrator are 11am–3pm Monday to Thursday. Windsor Castle Pub continues to operate from 3–10pm Monday–Thursday and from 12pm–12am Friday.


To hear GSA President Wayne Solomon in an interview with the CBC regarding the impacts on students during this time please click the link:

Getting in Touch with the University Administration

The University administration continues to operate student services during the lockout/job action. The University’s web page for information regarding this is

GTA and RA Employees

As members of the Union of Graduate Student Workers–PSAC 60551 (UGSW) you should continue to get paid in accordance with your contracts. Keep in mind that your second Collective Agreement is  currently being negotiated PSAC–USGW and the University/Employer.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your work as a GTA or RA visit www., their Facebook page “UNB Union of Graduate Student Workers”, or email Joe Blades, President at


Staying in Touch with our Supervisors

Some graduate students may wish to keep in contact with their supervisors, faculty, etc. Please be aware that their ability to help with academic work is limited by the conditions of the lockout/current job action. Faculty email accounts are frozen. For more information please visit AUNBT’s websites at, or their Facebook page, or the HQ blog at

The GSA is Neutral, but You Don’t Have to Be Neutral!

The GSA has a vested interest in representing the concerns of graduate students during this time. This means taking a stance of neutrality so that we can continue to offer services to students that are run in cooperation with the University administration. We understand the important relationships that graduate students have with their supervisors, departmental faculties, etc. Notwithstanding the GSA’s policy to remain neutral as an organization, we encourage societies and individual students to take their own stance if they so choose!

Back to Work Protocol

We have been told that students will be given at least 48-hours notice for resumption of classes after a back to work agreement has been made.  The GSA has little information on back to work protocol in event of dispute resolution. GSA’s VP Academic will continue to work to get more information on back to work protocol.

More Information

We know that as graduate students the impacts of the current job action are as diverse and individualized as our membership. If your concerns were not addressed here, or if you have further questions, please e-mail the VP Academic Carolyn Szuter at