Chair/ Head of Council

Tolulope Afolabi is an MBA candidate specializing in Venture Commercialization, Scaling, and Investments. She has extensive experience, sitting on several international boards. As an entrepreneur in the technology sector, Tolulope is passionate about helping start-ups develop their ideas from ideation to market. She is well-versed in operations, scalability, business development, and strategic management. As the GSA Chair and Head of Council, Tolulope ensures that all meetings run consistently and effectively. Her responsibilities include organizing and facilitating meetings to ensure they are productive, timely, and uphold democratic principles. She promotes open communication among council members, executives, and stakeholders, and assists during election campaigns to ensure fair and transparent processes. Tolulope’s leadership is characterized by her dedication to fostering a vibrant and inclusive student community, and her strategic vision for the association is to ensure that every voice is heard and valued.