Health and DentalIn conjunction with Linda Maher, Graduate Administrator, Financial Services – UNB, and Becky at C&C, the GSA will extend the Health and Dental Opt-Out date to February 7th (Friday) for graduate students starting in January,2014 ONLY. 

The opt out are done online at

Note: In order to opt out of the Health portion students must have comparable insurance coverage. (The GlobalExcel coverage does not allow students to opt out).

The Universal Bus Pass Opt Out has been extended to 7 Feb 2014 (Fredericton Only)
Only students who live outside of Fredericton during their studies are eligible to opt out of the bus pass.
In order to opt out please send an email with a proof of address attached (scan of a drivers license etc…) to

C&C has already enabled the Opt-Out page on their web site and Linda is now notifying grad students as they pay their fees.