Place: UNB Libraries

Date : 3 times on the week of (24th February to 1st March,2014)

Why it is important to Graduate students?

The session will essentially be a “live version” of the graduate brochure (outlining the Services for Graduate Students) that we have been circulating for a few years now to make graduate students aware of the many valuable resources that are available to help with the complicated and prolonged process of researching and writing graduate-level essays, theses and dissertations, or articles intended for publication. While 30 minutes will not be nearly long enough to go into all of these areas in any depth, the point of the live session is to make graduate students aware of many tools, resources, and some database functions that are not at all obvious, but could be extremely helpful in terms of managing extended research projects. Many of these resources are not needed by undergraduate students, but they could be valuable for graduate students as they develop their research skills to be able to undertake, organize, and manage their research efficiently and effectively.

“Find out how UNB Libraries can support our graduate research and writing!” in the following link:

Here is a poster attached for the event.